Rockport village may be small but there is quite a variety when it comes to shopping. Rockport and the 1000 Islands has attracted several artists who call Rockport home and get inspiration from their surroundings.

There are three independent Artist studios easily accessible from boat, car or on foot, offering beautiful craftsmanship and several other Artists from the surrounding areas have their work available in local shops. You will find paintings, photography, pottery, jewellery, wood carvings, tapestry bags. At the Summerhouse Studio you will find silk-screened clothing, hand painted clothing, floor cloths, table linens, and twig furniture.

Be sure to find the healthy chocolate spot where samples are offered frequently. There are boutiques and gift shops with a wide selection of gifts and souvenirs of the area, as well as convenience stores offering groceries and toiletries for boaters, cottagers, travelers and island campers.

Local honey is also a big favourite in the village and with the cottagers as are books about the area. There are marine supplies and water toys for the boaters at the marinas and for the divers there is a Dive Shop for diving equipment and souvenirs of the wrecks and fabulous underwater adventures.

The refreshment category is covered as well with our local LCBO outlet for beer, wine and spirits and convenience stores and of course the summer essential of ice cream is at hand in various locations.

You will be pleased with all that is available throughout the area and undoubtedly it will be presented to you with friendly service and a smile as that is the common factor no matter where you shop.

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