Metric Conversions

Canada is a metric nation. Here is a guide to help with the basics:

Metric Conversions for Distance and Road Speed
Metric systems are based on the metre, which is just a little over an American yard. Long distances are measured in kilometres, and road speeds in kilometres per hour (km/h). The ratio between miles and kilometres is 5/8, therefore 50 miles is 80 kilometres.

20 mph


30 km/h

30 mph


50 km/h

50 mph


80 km/h

68 mph


110 km/h

Metric Conversions for Fuel and Other Liquids
Don't let the price at the gas station fool you. Gas is sold by the Litre, which is just over an American quart. Just remember one U.S. gallon is 3.8Liters. If you are used to putting in 10 gallons of gas in your tank, this is equivalent to 38 Litres.

Metric Conversions for Temperature

Canadians measure temperature in Celsius where Zero is the freezing point of water and 100 is the boiling point of water. When you are travelling in Canada and you hear the forecast in Celsius and you want to know what it is in Fahrenheit, remember the following:

When it's zero it's freezing,

when it's 10 it's not,

when it's 20 it's warm,

when it's 30 it's hot!











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