What to wear

What to Wear

When heading to Ontario, look to the season to decide which clothing to bring. In summer, temperatures can soar above 30 C (86 F), while in winter they can drop to below -13 C (9 F), even colder in the north.


Spring Months (March, April, May)

The snow that has fallen during the winter months takes longer to give way to green in the north than it does in the south. Bring layers, such as long-sleeved shirts, thick pants, warm socks, sweaters, and toward the end of spring, substitute your winter jacket for a medium-weight jacket. It's wise to have raingear, water-repellent footwear and an umbrella for Ontario's spring showers.

Summer Months (June, July, August)

During the summer months it's wise to wear a hat and apply sunscreen to exposed skin to prevent sunburn. If you're visiting the southern areas of Ontario, bring light pants or shorts, short-sleeved shirts, a light jacket, sandals and light shoes. Pack some raingear and an umbrella in case it rains. Farther north, it gets much cooler at night, so bring a sweater or two to layer up.

Fall Months (September, October, November)

Typically, there is more precipitation during these months, so keep raingear and an umbrella handy. It's a good idea to bring thick pants and a medium-weight jacket to wear over sweaters or long-sleeved shirts. Footwear should cover the foot and, if possible, be water repellent. Again, temperatures in the northern parts of the province are cooler, especially at night, so pack plenty of layers.

Winter Months (December, January, February)

Ontario is renowned for its glorious snowy winters. Temperatures can dip quite low in all regions of the province, so it's imperative that you dress in layers, starting with thermal underclothes and socks. Long-sleeved shirts under a sweater will help keep the heat in, especially when topped with a good thermal/waterproof jacket. Your best defense against the cold is to wear a hat - almost 90 per cent of body heat escapes through your head. Waterproof and warm boots will guard against the cold. Bundle up with a scarf and some warm mitts.

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